My Top 5 Cruelty-Free Beauty Products

I’ve been a bit of a lover of all things make-up and beauty for as long as I can remember (perhaps it’s the Essex girl in me) but I’ve always struggled to find affordable and effective products that are also cruelty-free.

The rise of online shopping and also social media has made it much easier to discover new brands and to get real information about their policies on animal testing. So I wanted to share My Top 5 Cruelty-free Beauty Products that I use on a regular basis.

The great thing about these products for me is that there is in no way a compromise on quality. These products are truly brilliant! And most can be found in our high street stores.

1. Umberto Giannini – Blow Dry In a Bottle

I went for the chop a few years ago, getting a new, sassy bob hairdo. After finding that my carefully blow-dried hair would become a wavy mess by the time I’d made my morning commute into work, I needed something to help. That’s when I discovered Blow Dry In a Bottle.

The spray is applied to towel dried hair and then you just blow-dry as normal. Blow Dry In a Bottle boasts “…a blow-out as good as your hairdresser does it” and I would agree. My style stays sleek and smooth regardless of weather conditions (obviously an umbrella is still advised for British weather – no hair product can protect you from that). But this stuff seriously works.
The spray also has heat protection built-in and castor oil for moisturisation so no need to use an additional heat protector.

In addition to Blow Dry In a Bottle I also use the Weatherproof Finish Hairspray which is an anti-humidity hairspray. Not only is it a light but effective hairspray, which I find is much better for my shorter hairstyle. It also prevents my hair from frizzing-up and losing it’s style. These are my hairstyling power couple!

2. e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner

I was first introduced to e.l.f. Cosmetics when I was fortunate enough to do some live illustration at their Superdrug UK launch party.

I was given a delightful goodie bag of products to take away with me after the event and to be honest, there aren’t many of their products I wouldn’t recommend. I still can’t comprehend how they make such genuinely brilliant products at such affordable prices. These are seriously good products!

But my favourite has to be the Cream Eyeliner. I like this product because it stays on all day long, it’s waterproof and the Black is super black. I also love the fact that I’m not even half-way through my first pot, where I would have gone through several liquid eyeliners by now.

The Cream Eyeliner comes with a small angled brush for application but I didn’t find this especially easy to use as an eyeliner. I’d probably use it more for brows. But I received one of the Beautifully Precise Eye Liner Brushes in my make-up haul so I used that instead. And the precision I get with it is amazing. I also find the results are more accurate and the brush easier to control than an eyeliner pen.

The brush – one of the Beautifully Precise Brush Collection developed by Achelle Richards has an angled handle which gives better grip and control.

3. Weleda Skin Food 

So I have to admit, I started using this product after it was going around in the press that Victoria Beckham uses it too. If it’s good enough for a Spice Girl then it’s worth giving a try I thought, and it turns out VB wasn’t wrong.

It really is what the name suggests. Skin Food. Apply it liberally to chapped winter hands, or to the face at night for an intense moisturisation.

I chose to use it as a night face cream for a while when my skin became dry as the weather got colder, and I felt like I was getting an intense moisturisation no night cream had ever been able to deliver! My skin appeared to be glowing and radiant.

Loved by beauty bloggers and make-up artists, this is a great all round moisturiser made from natural ingredients, and it also smells great too.

4. Lily Lolo Mineral Concealer

It seems dramatic to say that a make-up product could be life-changing, but this concealer had me staring at my under-eye bags in the mirror in absolute wonder! I had been using the Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Spf 15, and had been amazed by the results, but was sceptical that a powder could really work as a concealer.

After reading the 5 star reviews I decided to give it a try. I found the coverage of this product was incredible, with just a couple of brush strokes my dark under-eye circles were gone. Where previously I’d been using different concealers, and touche éclat rip-offs followed by powders with out great effect.

And It’s not just for under the eyes. I’ve used this to cover spots and blemishes and they just disappear with one application, and stay covered the whole day.
The concealer (like the foundation) is an all natural mineral product. Because of this, I think my spots are far less frequent and linger for less time.

I also use the Lily Lolo Concealer Brush with this so I can get more precise application.

5. Stella McCartney POP

I started wearing the original Stella Eau de Parfum some years ago as I wanted to make as many of my beauty choices as possible cruelty-free.
I love the scent and often get complimented on it, and have also bought the various different incarnations Stella has produced over the years. Most unfortunately seem to end up being discontinued though.

But Stella’s POP seems to have a clearer identity behind it and is aimed at millennials and young, hip kids (Madonna’s daughter Loudres was one of the faces of the 2016 campaign). I think this one will have more staying power.

Also, where previous incarnations where always quite similar to the original Stella scent, this one is quite different. It’s younger, sweeter and fresher. And I tend to use it as a day perfume for this reason.

And that is My Top 5 Cruelty-free Beauty Products!
I hope you enjoyed the post. And please tell me in the comments if you’ve tried any of these products and how you found them!

Carmen xoxo

All illustrations Copyright © Carmen Johnson 2018


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