Spooky Illustration for Texto Editores

I was recently commissioned to create a series of illustrations for Portuguese educational publishers Texto Editores.

One of the briefs was to create an illustration of a home complete with all identifiable rooms and corresponding furniture, even down to empty cardboard boxes in the attic.
It was an illustration to feature in a text book to teach Portuguese school children English, so it took me back a few years to my school days, learning French and Spanish in the same way.


I was also commissioned to create more detailed illustrations of the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room (as shown above). It was surprising how enjoyable it was to draw all the little details that make up a typical room in a house, even things like the toilet roll holder in the bathroom!


The project required a bit of drawing and re-drawing to get all the angles and perspective right. There was a lot that needed to be visible in the house so fitting it all in and also keeping a good level of realism was a challenge. But I was very happy with the end result and hope it will work as a helpful tool for learning English.


And after the house was complete, I was also commissioned to turn the same house into a spooky haunted house, complete with ghosts and a witch on a broomstick! I’m used to drawing from life quite a lot so relying on my imagination for most of the elements in this final illustration was a real change for me. But a change that I thoroughly enjoyed.




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