Affordable Art @ Art Rookie

It’s been a while since my last post to say the least! But i’ve been busy with lots of new and exciting things, one of them being my new shop on Art Rookie.


Art Rookie is an online platform where artists can sell their artwork on a variety of products, from greetings cards to wall clocks.


And I’ve been having lots of fun creating new artwork (and adapting some old) for my product range.
The quality of the finished product is very good, and the range also quite extensive. It is also a much more sustainable way of getting my work on some of the products i’d wanted to, but hadn’t been able to due to the initial financial outlay needed.


Mugs seem to be the most popular products that i’ve seen ordered from my range, along with plates. I’ve been loving seeing my artwork come to life on products that people will have and use in their homes every day.


Also available to buy are art prints at very reasonable prices, framed, unframed and on canvas which has again given me a broader scope in the products I’m able to sell.


I’ve also been expanding my greetings cards range, and was able to take the opportunity to create a Father’s Day card I knew my Dad would like (along with present!)



Another great thing about Art Rookie is that they are always promoting their artists. I was very pleased to be a recent ‘Featured Artist’ on the Art Rookie Blog, where I was interviewed about my creative journey so far, the things that inspire me and also the ups and downs of self-promotion.

It was a great experience to be asked some questions I’d not pondered on for a while and to get a broader view of my ‘creative life’ so to speak!

You can shop my products here:

And of course, read the interview here:

Featured Artist: Carmen Johnson


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