Christmas Art-Making

Woh, it’s been a busy couple of months. With lots of great work on I can’t complain though.

I took part in the Illustrators Christmas Fair last weekend, organised by House of Illustration. There were lots of talented illustrators there, selling their illustrated wares. I mainly sold a selection of Christmas cards and other greetings/postcards.



The fair was really interesting and I believe the first one HOI have done of it’s kind. It was held within the UAL building in Kings Cross, a beautiful¬†restored granary building in you guessed it…Granary Square.

I’ve also been selling my Christmas cards on Etsy this year, managing four designs this year, rather than just the one I produced last year. They seem to have been well-received and i’ve been kept busy on little trips to and from the post office.

Another Christmas themed project came in the form of a Christmas e-card commission for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust


The brief for this was open, so I came up with a couple of concepts and this ice-skating idea was the one that we went ahead with. This was my favourite concept so I was pleased that it was chosen.
I worked the charity logo into the pattern on the main figure’s skirt, and also into the trail she leaves on the ice. It must have been quite an impressive twirl on ice that she performed…shame we missed it.

So all in all, a busy but very satisfying end to the year.
I look forward to seeing what 2016 brings!

Merry Christmas x



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