Ice Lollies & Flower Power

The British summer time isn’t always reliable where sunshine is concerned but that hasn’t stopped me from indulging in the odd ice cream. And documenting my findings…naturally.

I have fond memories of the summer afternoons of my childhood, being spoilt by my grandparents with there continuously stocked freezer full of ice lollies. These days it may be considered a form of child abuse the amount of sugar my grandparents made readily available to me and my Sister, but i’m confident it had no adverse affects on me…


A brief break from food…
The Seventies trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast so I thought i’d create an illustration to express my appreciation for said trend.

It’s one that’s been peeking it’s way in for the last couple of years but now seems to have finally been embraced. And there’s so many beautiful clothes in the stores at the moment, Zara seem to have Seventies Chic nailed.

It is also a slightly more mature look. Having been a child of the 80’s/90’s, I felt like I had my fill of stone-wash denim and ‘Mom Jeans’ back then so am pleased to see a new trend emerging.


And then there’s always more time for illustrating food in my world. I try my best to maintain a healthy diet with the odd treat here and there, but I still can’t help but finding junk food so satisfying to draw!
The colours and shapes that can be created using icing and E numbers are just too fun not to document.


Did I mention that I thought my early exposure to sugar had no adverse affects on me?! Hmmm…..


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