Bright Colours and Bold Shapes at The Serpentine

I recently took a visit to The Serpentine Pavilion in Londons’ Kensington Gardens to see this years summer installation. I was fortunate that my visit was on a pretty decent summers day, meaning I got to see the vibrant colours in all their glory.


The installation is a creation by architect duo selgascano who have worked on many projects in their native country of Spain, but currently have several international projects in the making, The Serpentine Pavilion being the most recent instalment.


The installation makes for a really interesting space. The different colours and shapes create differing moods and lights at every angle. Each corner I turned being a new experience of colour and light.

And it came as no surprise that this particular installation was quite popular with young families. Children were running in and out of the different maze-like entrances and staring at the colourful bands of fabric stretched over frames.


The clever use of semi-transparent and iridescent materials created a kind of overlap effect which meant that as I walked through the structure, what I was seeing was constantly changing.


Moving to the outside of the structure added yet another perspective. When stood looking in from the only ‘window’ in the installation I could view layers upon layers of different colours and shapes gently receding like waves into the distance.


I highly recommend seeing this years offering at The Serpentine Pavilion, especially if you can make it on a sunny day. It’s a real feast for the eyes. And if you’re also looking for a feast for the belly there is even a little Fortnum & Mason’s tucked away in one corner of the sculpture.

Admission to The Serpentine Pavilion is Free.
The exhibition is open Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 6pm, and runs until 18 Oct 2015.


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