Return of the Rudeboy

I visited the Return of the Rudeboy exhibition this weekend at Somerset House.
An exciting and original portrait exhibition of ‘over 60 sharply dressed individuals from across the UK all of whom embody the essence of what it is to be a Rudeboy (or Rudie) in the 21st century, to document the life, style and attitude of this growing urban group’.

It was a really stunning and vibrant exhibition, combining punchy portrait photography, impeccable and highly personal style of the rudeboy subjects and also unique and interesting methods of showing the work.

The suitcases as smaller galleries for a selection of the portraits was a really effective way of displaying the work.

Personal grooming kits and other accessories also made up part of the exhibition, emphasising the attention to detail that goes into the rudeboy look and lifestyle.

Monday 25th August is the last day of the exhibition at Somerset House, but the photographs and set pieces are on sale along with posters, postcards and a selection of Rudeboy inspired books, available from the Rizzoli Bookshop.


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